The New Cybernetics Poster Design System is an application that automatically generates poster designs based on positive and negative feedback loop algorithms. In a New Cybernetics sense the generated posters advertise the group exhibition of the course but is also part of it.

The compositional elements of a generated poster is text, form and color. The algorithm defines the parameters of the compositional elements:
● The font size of the text
● The shape and the size of the form (circle, square, triangle)
● The color of the elements.

There is a rule for every compositional element:
● The text should not overlap which each other
● The forms should all have different shapes
● The color composition of the poster should be complementary

If one of these rules applies a poster gets generated:

The whole project underlies a fundamental investigation of graphic design theory from Swiss grid systems through the teachings at Bauhaus to modern graphic design trends. This research is the ruleset the algorithm operates on. The application is built with p5.js.

Special thanks to Ralf Baecker and Markus Walthert